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Gym Hair

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Gym Hair

$ 9.99

Gym Hair was started as project to solve a problem the creator was having: working out followed by the need to run errands and taking care of her two toddlers afterwards.

Her hair was yuck. Wet with sweat, stuck in a bun til 8 or 9 pm when she could finally shower.

One day she ran her fingers through her hair and sniffed and did not like the smell! She grabbed a wet wipe and quickly rubbed her scalp.

Surely there was something out there that targeted sweaty hair?? There was not. So she made it. After months and months of research and trial and error, she came up with a natural solution using essential oils and some tried and true ingredients like Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera.

She spoke to her dermatologist, who said "Go for it!". She went ahead and hired a couple chemists to help blend it properly and how to give it shelf life, along with recommendations on other ingredients that would help the hair and scalp.

The rest is history!

With ingredients like lavender and rosemary, @gymhairspray naturally cleanses a sweaty scalp. Trying to be healthy with what you’re putting IN your body? What about what you put ON it? Sweat, spray, and get on with your day! 🖤💪🏼

Also contains tea tree oil that can help your kiddos stay lice free throughout the school year :)

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